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Engineering And Architecture
Dean’s Message

Erzurum Technical University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture aims to raise engineers who generate solutions, have ethical values and self-confidence for meeting increasing needs for engineers in our country. Our faculty, for this purpose, started its educational activities by the establishment of Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2012, and then the Departments of Civil Engineering and Electrical - Electronics Engineering have been founded.

Modern student laboratories were founded at short notice within our Faculty in order to perform practices that are very important for internalization of the practical knowledge along with theoretical one in engineering education. Thus, our students get the opportunity to prepare for the future in a more equipped way by performing the practices of the subjects they are taught in the courses in-these laboratories.

One of the most important goals of our Faculty is that our students can learn up-to-date knowledge in the best way in engineering sciences while taking the formation of engineering. Within this context, Flipped Classroom approach that provides students with the active participation and allows assessment during the course is practiced in our faculty in contrast to the teacher centred education approach in which students listen and are passive in courses.

Our faculty has internalized the new approaches in education and with its young and dynamic teaching staff it has been training young people who will shape the technology of future.

We also expect you to join us...

Dean Deputy
Prof. Dr. İrfan KAYMAZ 

Dean’s Message

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